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Perry and Razz & Ozzy with the new fleet.


What is that?

We are here to get your pet to their appointments.  Need a ride to the vet?  Are you unable to pick Puppy up at the groomers?  Do you need to drop Kitty off at daycare?  Is your pet at the vet, and they need a drive to a specialist? Contact us here.

Our Services

Our service is made with your pet's comfort and your schedule in mind.  Give us a call and we will arrange a pick up time for your pet (and you if you need to come along).  We have comfy vehicles with room for most types of pets.  We can pick up pet supplies and deliver them to you.  We are commercially insured, including pet accident and pet life coverage.  We protect your pet like our own.

About Us

Perry Falconer, the owner/operator of PetRide™ Halifax, is engaged to Sherrie Hennigar.  They have a couple of young Papillon best friends named Ozzy and Razz. Perry spent 11 years in competitive amateur motor sport in Nova Scotia and Alberta, learning much about car control and safe driving.  As a life-long pet lover, Perry felt that it was time such a service came to exist in the Halifax area.  Pictured above are the pets from Perry and Sherrie's family from the last 15 years or so.  Our service is for any pets, not just dogs.  Our new vehicles have heated seats - so if you have a pet (ie birds, reptiles, young pets) that need the extra warmth, we have that!


The idea started after an incident with our beloved pet, Ozzy.  As a frisky puppy, he jumped from Perry's arms and landed on asphalt breaking both front legs.  Fortunately for Ozzy, Perry was off work for a time and was able to transport Ozzy to the vet, then a specialist, and then the emergency hospital for recovery.  He was also available for the numerous follow-up care visits. This made Perry think, what do people with strict work schedules, or without a car do when they have the same thing happen to their beloved pets?  This was the birth of PetRide™ Halifax.  Ozzy has survived to become a loving boy and mascot for us.  With great assistance from Service Canada's Self Employment Benefits Program through Industry Nova Scotia and CEED we started business on 16 March 2012.


Pets are more than just property, and we show that we care by purchasing insurance.  In order to protect you and your pets, PetRide™ Halifax has commercial vehicle insurance to cover our vehicle and any passenger, pet or human, that may be in our vehicle for a ride.  We have Commercial General Liability Insurance, just incase a pet in our care causes property damage.  We have also have had a rider added to our commercial insurance to cover the pets in our care in the case of injury or death.  Last of all, to protect your property if you need us to pick up a pet or visit a pet while you are away, we are bonded.  Thanks to Jennifer Johnson at Gateway Insurance for making it possible to do business in a safer way!


We offer four services:  PetRides (Pet Transport to appointments, such as a veterinarian), PetVisits (Visits to your home to take care of your pet when you are away) PetExpress (Courier service to deliver pet supplies to your home), and AfterCare (pick up the remains of deceased pets to be delivered for final arrangements). We are Pet First-Aid Certified through St John Ambulance, and we carry both pet and human first aid kits in our vehicle.  We help to ensure pets in HRM have 24 hour care 7 days per week.  As our business grows, we hope to add several new pet-related services to help our clients and local pet businesses.

Our Website

In addition to being a tool to market our business and maintain contact with clients, we have created a resource with well over 400 links for pet lovers to find local products and services for their pets.  If you have a link to add please contact us with it.  We do not make any claims of quality of service from any provider linked on this site, we are simply providing the links as an added service to help out local pet lovers.  As a dog owners we have more information to share on dogs than on other types of pets.  If you have information resources to share, please do so!

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